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Our services include every installation and repair that garage doors may demand. We created a comprehensive offer that allows our clients to find all the garage door-related services in one place. Therefore, you will not have to look for various technicians to install and repair different parts of your garage doors – You can find everything at Master Tech Garage Doors.

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Our Garage Door Repair & Replacement Services

Installing the garage door is crucial for the functionality of the door opener. If you install the garage door incorrectly, you will constantly face issues with its performance. For that reason, you need a professional technician for the garage door installation. At Master Tech, we have everything that you need – skillful repairmen, advanced equipment and most innovative installation practices in the industry.

Whether you need a roll up or overhead opener, LiftMaster or electric opener, we will provide the best solutions for your garage doors. By installing the garage doors properly, we will increase the security of your house immediately. Also, entering and exiting the garage with your car will be extremely easy with a new garage door.

Only one faulty cable can lead to a total breakdown of your garage doors. Our technicians understand the purpose of every single cable and the way they affect the door mechanism. Therefore, if you suddenly cannot open the garage door or it gets stuck in the middle, there is a high chance that some of the cables snapped.

Unless you are a technician yourself, you shouldn’t try to fix any of the garage door issues alone, especially cables. These complex components require professional technicians that will resolve the problem without causing any damage. For that reason, do not think twice before calling us for a quality garage door cable repair service.

If you noticed any issue with the tracks of your garage doors, you should call us as soon as possible. Faulty tracks make your garage unsafe and easy to break in, especially if the door won’t close properly. Regardless of the problem, we have all the necessary tools and experts that know exactly how to repair a garage door track.

After examining the garage door tracks, we will determine the level of the damage and start repairing instantly. Soon after our first meeting, we will fix your garage door and prevent any consequences that broken tracks could cause.

Regular examination of the garage doors is extremely important and you should not avoid it. A small, weird sound of your door that you are ignoring daily could get more serious if you don’t request our garage door maintenance service on time.

With frequent maintenance, your garage door will last much longer and perform much better! We will ensure all the elements of the garage doors are in a perfect condition. That way, you will not spend too much money on frequent repairs and you will never struggle with broken garage doors.

Overhead garage door spring are the most important element of the average overhead door assembly. These springs hold the weight of the door up while transferring the force of its opening and closing cycle from the motor to the frame of the door. It is very important you get the experts for when you need garage door spring repair in the GTA.

Fortunately, our staff of specialists and dedication to investing in advanced technology has made us the best garage door spring replacement company in Ontario and continues to give us an edge over the competition. As experts in broken spring repair, we offer fast, efficient service when these important parts finally wear out.