The garage doors play an important role in your daily activities. Apart from making your entrance and exit from the garage faster and easier, garage doors increase the security of your house. Garage opener and remote are the essential elements of the garage doors. Therefore, you need a professional technician to install and/or repair these tools for you. Master Tech Garage Doors offers the most beneficial installation and repair services in Milton and Oakville. If you need any of the service listed below, contact us.


If the motor of your garage door opener is starting to malfunction or stopped working completely, we can help you right now. Our repairmen can fix the garage door opener of all types and all kinds. After the diagnostics, we will start repairing the garage door opener and enable you to use the full convenience of your garage doors. The results of our repair services are long-lasting. Therefore, you won’t have to call a new technician to fix the same issue twice. Our repair guys will ensure your garage door opener serves you well long after our visit!

garage door opener


Our team understands that apart from the convenience, garage door remote clicker is also very important for the safety of your home. For that reason, we will take care of your garage door remote carefully and rapidly. Whether the remote stopped working so you cannot open or close your garage, or you lost the remote, call us! We will assist you quickly and resolve the issues of your garage door remote; returning the fully-functioning key to your garage door and your security back in your hands!

garage door remote


The correct installation of your garage opener will reflect on the total productivity of your garage doors. Our professional technicians in Milton and Oakville will install your garage opener with major precision and accuracy. Regardless of the type and brand of your garage door opener, you can call us any time to install the garage door opener for you. After the installation, we will show you how to use the opener properly. In addition, we will stay at your service for any extra information that you may need.


If you are tired of the traditional garage door that you must open manually every time, we totally understand you. You can use the advantages of the electric garage door and save yourself the effort and time of opening the door by hand. Master Tech can install the electric garage door for you efficiently, for a good price! Whether you have already bought the electric garage door or you are about to, call us and we will take care of the entire installation process.