Fall And Winter Garage Door Maintenance From The Experts

Fall And Winter Garage Door Maintenance From The Experts

It’s fall and those chilly freezing winter winds appear on the horizon. As most residents of Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Caledon, Halton Hills, Milton, Toronto and North York, you need to start winterizing your home.

When the temperature sinks below the freezing point, many of your home appliances need seasonal preventative maintenance, and your Garage door is not an exception. After all, you don’t want to struggle with a stuck garage door and be late for your work, or stuck out after a freezing chilly day.

So have you added winterizing your garage door on your winter checkup list?

Fall And Winter Garage Door Maintenance From The Experts

These are few handy and useful garage door winter maintenance needs to do checklist  from Master Tech Garage Door Mississauga team:


Metal moving parts tend to freeze and stall out through sub-zero temperature weather, this may affect the smoothness of your garage door’s or even worse, it may not even open! . Lubricate all the moving metal parts such as (springs, rollers, tracks, bushings, and hinges.) once a month using a high quality spray lubricate.

Garage door, winter stripping and window:

Check your window, window frame and garage door for cracks or missing parts. Winter stripping should seal and insulate your garage, and because of daily regular use, it is unavoidable to crack and tear. Make sure to change it this winter.   

An unsealed garage will affect your home warmth, and invite unwilling guests looking for a warm shelter like rodents or pests. 

Cables and tension springs:

Cold weather and ice may put a big weight on your garage door, this will lead to more unwanted pressure on your cables and tension springs. Inspect your cables and tension regularly for any weird sounds or cracks. Cables or tension springs malfunction may cause fatal injuries. 

Watch and hear

Stand outside the garage open and close it a couple of times. Watch the garage leveling and track, check if it’s well balanced and even. Make sure that the garage door opens and closes smoothly. Listen for any unusual noises, cold weather causes the metal parts to shrink  this can cause problems with your door’s ability to open and close. If you suspect any malfunctioning leave for experts   Master Tech Garage Door Mississauga . Remember ignoring any strange noise or uneven leveling may impact on your doors durability. 

Garage door opener:

This small electric box may be affected with freezing cold weather, it may fail to open suddenly. If this happens, just open the garage door manually and close it a couple of times. This procedure should solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, call  (905) 267-0210 and they will provide you with 24/7 urgent services, including; same day repairs.  For more information Check out having issues with your garage doors

Remote control batteries:

There is no need to explain how frustrating it can be when suddenly your remote control batteries die when you need them the most.

Winter cleaning: 

After a full joy summer, enjoying the pool and the barbecue meals and parties with family and friends. Your garage is a mess. 

Unclean floor, dirt and grime may affect the lifetime of your garage door or even cause tremendous damage. 

Need help with your garage door maintenance for cold weather? WE KNOW HOW TO FIX COLD WEATHER GARAGE DOOR PROBLEMS. Call your local Master Tech Garage Door Mississauga

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