Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Common Garage Door Opener Problems Mississauga

If you are a homeowner, then you know for sure the importance of your garage. The Garage is a secure place where you protect your vehicle from bad weather, unsecure accidents and incidents. Moreover, it provides a safe exit and entry passage for your vehicle.  Modern garage doors have a new mechanical essential element; the garage door opener.

An estimated study claims that an average garage door operates more than 1000 times a year, that’s approximately about 3 times a day. That makes it one of the most used technologies in homes.

And Yet somehow, many homeowners take their garage door for granted, as long as it keeps opening and shutting whenever they press the bottom, then everything is just fine, until one day the garage door doesn’t open anymore and your vehicle is stuck inside.

Although Most of the garage doors can last up to 12 years, some problems may still occur. We at Master Tech Garage Doors Mississauga advise you of the preventative maintenance to insure that the door garage opener serves as long as possible.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems Mississauga

So what are the most common garage door opener problems?

1. Power failures

The batteries are dead:  this is a common problem; the transmitter needs power to send a signal to your garage door to open. When your garage door can’t open any more with no obvious reason, the first thing to do is to check the transmitter batteries. Another power problem, your garage opener is attached to a circuit breaker in the electrical panel, sometimes the circuit breaker gets tripped, or even develops a short circuit. 

2. The photo eye and the alignments

Garage doors could be dangerous and cause serious injuries if it were closed on a passing child. To prevent these hazardous accidents, all the garage openers after 1993, were improved by safety measures; using photo eyes. Photo eyes transmit an invisible beam between each other to detect if anything is in the pass of the garage door.  These lenses by time can get easily covered by dust and dirt, to clean these obstructed lenses simply wipe them with a clean and dray piece of soft cloth, if this does not solve the problem check the alignment of the eyes, the lenses should be pointed at the same direction and angle.

3. Transmitter signals

If you press the bottom and the garage door still does not open, check if you are in the right range when you press the bottom. Every transmitter has a specific range, but if that does not solve the problem you may check if the transmitter antenna is not covered or has any signs of damage. An obstructed antenna would not send the signals to the end of the right range. Sometimes the transmitter bottom may be stuck, preventing the signal to launch. Another issue could affect the transmitter signals, the transmitter frequency; if your garage door opens on its own, then it might be that your neighbors are running their transmitter on the same frequency as yours and opening or closing their door along with yours. It’s possible to change the frequency of your transmitter, call us Master Tech Garage Doors Mississauga and we will change it regarding the model of your transmitter.

4. Mechanical problems

Broken springs, garage door is off balance, bent rails, broken cables, worn roller or bearings, motor malfunctions, and many other mechanical problems which may affect your garage door opener. Please be aware that garage doors may be dangerous and cause severe injuries or damages for those who are skilled with a proper experience. We at Master Tech Garage Doors Mississauga know how urgent a garage door opener troubleshooting may be, call us and we will send you the best experienced team of technicians to solve any problem at an affordable price and least waste of time.

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