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If your garage doors won’t open, won’t close, get stuck or simply perform poorly, you should reach out to us. Our professional technicians can identify the problem quickly and estimate the repair cost and time. We are experts at installing and fixing garage doors in the GTA. For a good price, we can make your garage doors perform perfectly at any time.

You can also call us when you need an urgent assistance. If your car is stuck in the garage and you are late for work because the door won’t open… Count on us! Wherever you are in the GTA, we will send our repairmen to fix your garage doors rapidly!


At some point, you might want to invest in a new door. We make the roll up door replacement process hassle-free and can provide you with any material, style, and brand you want. You simply make an appointment with us and a pro will come to offer assistance. Once you decide which door will best meet your needs, we send techs for the installation. Just like any other service, the roll up door installation is performed with accuracy the first time.

Roll up is one of the most frequent types of garage door mechanisms. If your garage has the roll up doors as well, we can fix it anytime you need. With advanced equipment and professional repair guys, we can take care of your roll up quickly. Our service includes installation, repair, and maintenance of the roll up doors. You can order any of those services separately or altogether. Let us know if you need our help!

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Modern technology of the overhead garage requires professional technicians for every service. While we understand the convenience of the overhead, we also understand the frustration of broken door. For that reason, we try to be as quick as possible in providing our repair services. We will not make you wait any longer than necessary. As soon as we receive your request, we will send capable technicians to fix your overhead garage doors.

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